Николай Иванович Плис
First Deputy General Director of JSC «Angstrem» (Russia, 124460, Moscow, Zelenograd, Shokin sq., 2, bl. 3)

Article author

Currently, the traditional use of varnish-foil dielectrics for manufacturing resistors, resistive assemblies and heating elements has been supplemented by their application in production of thermal resistors, the membranes of acoustic and photoelectric transformers. As a rule, the non-adhesive foil dielectrics sustain the affect of high temperatures, permit to significantly increase the density of elements and have better quality characteristics, because the adhesives have negative effect upon the electrical characteristics of the materials, manufactured with their application. Also, the adhesives have comparatively low thermal resistance, which manifests on the total thermal resistance of foil dielectric and the items manufactured on it, especially in case when as a base polyimide is used. In the paper the flexible foil dielectrics for electronic equipment and their manufacturing technology have been considered. The advantages of the non-adhesive foil dielectrics with complete imidization of the polymer base have been shown. The technology of manufacturing the varnish-foil dielectrics, used in manufacturing highly reliable microcircuits of modification 2 and of highly technological membranes of acoustic transformers, has been developed. The polyimide base of the dielectrics has high adhesion to foil and the guaranteed uniformity of the imidization extent 95-100 %. This provides the stability of technological conditions in the process of manufacturing the items from the given materials, as well as an increase of the storage life of the varnish-foil dielectrics up to 12 months.

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