Analysis of Electrochemical Deposition Process of Permalloy Films

An amplification of magnetic induction in permalloy allows a several times increase of the sensitivity of magneto-semiconductor mycrosystems magnetic field. While using the permalloy films as the magnetic concentrators, it is important to exclude the anomalous codeposition of alloy components and to reduce the variability of technological parameters for optimum magnetic properties. In the work the chloride electrolyte with the pH correction by hydrochloride acid, which provides the congruent electrochemical permalloy deposition while heating has been proposed. The magnetic properties of the permalloy films, corresponding to bulk samples, have been determined. It has been shown that the magnetic properties of the permalloy films are sensitive to deviation of the composition from the ratio of 4.26 components. The control of accuracy of preparing an electrolyte for electrochemical deposition has been performed using the spectrophotometric investigation of chloride electrolyte. It has been established that the anomaly of the permalloy electrodeposition is associated with the main feature of iron ions-the existence of variable Valence iron with two or three values in the charge of ions during the hydrolysis of ions salts.
Robert D. Tikhonov
SMC «Technological Center», Moscow, Russia
Sergey A. Polomoshnov
SMC «Technological Center», Moscow, Russia; National Research University of Electronic Technology, Moscow, Russia
Vladimir V. Amelichev
SMC «Technological Centre», Moscow, Russia
Dmitriy V. Kostuk
SMC «Technological Center», Moscow, Russia
Andrey A. Cheremisinov
SMC «Technological Center», Moscow, Russia