Failure Model of Electronic Components for Simulation

The standard procedures used in the engineering practice for the dependability prediction of electronic equipment (analytical methods) have a number of significant limitations. Turning to numerical methods, allowing the removal of these limitations, causes the necessity to create the failure model of electronic components for the dependability prediction of electronic components. The aim of the present research is to improve the design work quality by improving the dependability prediction of electronic equipment, taking into account the reliability, durability and storability of electronic components. To develop the failure model, the methods of the dependability theory, the probability theory and computational mathematics have been developed. A failure model of electronic components, representing the functional, linking the implementation of the running time and the base random variable, has been created. In this case, the model parameters have been calculated on the basis of the data on dependability characteristics of their dependencies on the modes and conditions for using the electronic components, as shown on a specific example. Unlike the standardized failure model of electronic components, the proposed model permits simultaneously to take into account the limitations, imposed by the characteristics of reliability, durability and storability, normalized in the Data Sheet.
Valery V. Zhadnov
National Research University «Higher school of economics», Moscow,Russia