Ксения Сергеевна Фомина
Master’s degree student of the Institute of Radio Engineering and Information Technologies, R.Y. Alekseev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (Russia, 603950, Nizhny Novgorod, Minin str., 24)

Article author

The absorbing elements of rectangular and complex form based on homogeneous resistive film are used for building wave guide, coaxial and microstrip attenuators. The decrease of the attenuators sizes leads to problems in the implementation of small and big attenuations, which requires a turn to the absorbing elements based on piece-homogeneous structures. For implementation of a wide range of impairments of radio signals power the topologies of the small size absorbing elements of the wave guide, coaxial and microstrip attenuators, differing from known attenuators elements with the two-layer resistive film by reduced temperature stability and complex manufacturing technology, have been proposed. Such attenuation is achieved using one-layer resistive film with the central region, having either high (cut) or low (conductor) resistivity. The methods for calculation of the proposed absorbing elements based on a strict method of the conformal mappings have been proposed. The obtained relations in the considered particular cases coincide with the well-known ones in literature. The three-dimensional graphs of attenuation dependencies and normalized input impedance from the normalized size of the cut, or the conductor of the central region have been given. Wide possibilities of controlling the output parameters of the absorbing elements have been noted. The performance of the technique has been verified by simulation in the domestic software complex Elcut and by the analysis of real samples of small absorbing elements mounted microstrip attenuator of the proposed topologies.

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